What An Awesome Show!

What An Awesome Show!

May 11, 2014 - 9:00am -- Anonymous (not verified)

The Spring 2014 show was a huge success. We had a standing room only crowd for the Brothers and our special guests, The Reen Family Singers, and The Phoenix Jazz Vocal Group from St. Petersburg Russia.

The show started with the Brothers rousing opener It's a Good Day. After intermission the ladies from the Phoenix Jazz Vocal Group took the stage and thoroughly entertained the audience with their excellent performance which included a wonderful mix of tunes like Mambo Italiano and a beautiful Russian folk song, all sung in gorgeous harmony. Their wonderful performance  earned them a standing ovation from the overflow crowd.  

As soon as the Reen Family Singers took the stage everyone was capitvated. Steve and Sophie Reen and their nine (9) children are a modern day family Von Trapp. They appropriately opened their set with a couple tunes from The Sound of Music and showed themselves to be very experienced and skillful performers. From there they changed into a barbershop quartet composed of father Steve and his three (3) oldest boys. They sang a lovely rendition of the Lion Sleeps Tonight followed by some jokes and more quartet songs. Two of the younger boys then came out and played a version of Chopstix on an electric piano. Not to be outdone the two oldest boys came right after them and did an elaborate version of Chopstix to great applause. Next, Dominic, one of the middle boys, came out with his Ukelele and performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow. After a couple more jokes and quartet songs the whole family came out for another standing ovation from the very appreciative audience.

The show finished with the Brothers singing the two song set we would be taking to the Division Championship in Harrisburg one week later. After inviting all of our special guest performers out to join us on stage we finished with one of our all-time favorite songs, The Beatles classic With a Little Help From My Friends. The crowd rose again for a final and very satisfying standing ovation. 

This was certainly our best show ever by any measure. We look forward to many more as the Brothers continues it's wonderful journey and further builds its reputation as one of the best choruses in the world.

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